This is the first issue of our on-line publication and we have some great interviews for you to read. Here’s a taster of what you will find on this site.

If you think you know what it must be like living in the Middle East, you might be surprised to hear what our painter Tom Young has to say. He is based in Beirut, having moved from London, and is in love with the place. We are lucky enough to have some of Tom’s work and photographs to show you. Plus, he offers an insight into his methods and day-to-day existence as a painter.

Then we have an interview with a fantastic illustrator, Graham Oakley, famous for his ‘Church Mice’ series of books. Graham has worked for the BBC, The Royal Opera House and Crawford’s Ad agency. He has sent us rough ‘dummy’ drawing from some of his classic 1970s books. An exclusive! Graham also tells us all about his working practices and thought processes….

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